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Knoah Solutions and Augment Team Up to Deploy ChatHelper: Bringing the Power of AI to the Digital Agent Desktop in Real-time

New technology enhances human agent capabilities and customer experience with outstanding results.

October 29, 2018 | HENDERSON, NEVADA

Knoah Solutions, Inc. (, a global business process outsourcing company, in partnership with Augment, a leader in customer experience driven artificial intelligence, announced today that they have deployed an innovative, AI-based real-time recommendation engine that allows digital support (chat/SMS) agents to more quickly and effectively answer complex questions from customers.

Digital agents in complex troubleshooting environments must juggle multiple transactions at the same time and can struggle to provide the right info in a timely fashion as they resolve customer issues,” says Ralph Barletta, Knoah Solutions’ executive vice president, and co-founder.  “Augment has worked closely with Knoah to deploy a robust, self-learning solution that tightly integrates with our digital CRM tool, for one of our largest consumer electronics clients, where we have hundreds of agents handling thousands of digital transactions per day.  We are seeing a productivity improvement of over 15% with a corresponding increase in resolution and CSAT that has us expanding our use of the technology to other clients.

Chatbots that aim to automate human conversations have struggled to deliver results in robust environments.  Knoah’s ChatHelper, powered by Augment, takes a different approach by utilizing AI for what it’s good at—sifting through mountains of customer data.  Human operators can then use their judgment to select from and personalize the best options based on understanding the customer’s context and needs. Using the latest deep learning techniques, ChatHelper can quickly and easily build sophisticated knowledge bases from prior transactions. These transactions are designed to facilitate a dialogue by predicting customer questions and suggesting responses, so the live agent can keep the conversation fluid without spending time searching for an answer in a traditional knowledge base.

Knoah uses the latest CX tools like LivePerson in their workforce which gives our deep learning algorithms the cloud data needed to build robust conversational models,” says Matt Swanson, Augment’s chief executive officer.

Results from implementing ChatHelper have been significant.  In a controlled study, Knoah and Augment along with one of the world’s largest electronics manufacturing companies compared outcomes from two groups of live chat agents, one that used the tool and one that did not.  Chats per day were 15+% higher in the ChatHelper group.  Agents with the tool handled communications almost one minute faster than agents working without it and had a 2.3% higher resolution rate.

The Augment platform is able to identify the best practices from top-performing agents and make real-time suggestions to the rest of the workforce which ultimately delivers better outcomes to customers.  Human-in-the-loop AI technology is not about separating chatbot and human conversations; it’s about using AI to enable people to have better conversations and we are thrilled with the adoption we’ve seen at Knoah,” continued Swanson.

About Knoah Solutions:

Regardless of your company’s size or outsourcing needs, Knoah Solutions’ agile, globally deployed BPO services deliver award-winning results that enhance your brand and fit your budget.  Our RightENGAGE customer engagement model, OneKnoah process philosophy, and cutting-edge technology and analytics powered by our proprietary WFO tool, ARK360, ensure we can meet the needs and challenges of each of your customers through every channel: voice,  chat, email, and social media. Knoah has the flexibility that big BPO companies can’t provide and a global infrastructure and mature operational process that smaller BPO companies can’t deliver on. Knoah’s consultative and agile approach to outsourcing has repeatedly earned us awards and recognition from independent review bodies like Gartner, Everest Group, and IAOP. For more information about Knoah Solutions, visit

About Augment:

Augment is a leader in customer experience-driven artificial intelligence (AI). Augment’s AI engine uniquely empowers brand representatives to deliver a superior customer experience by surfacing the best information and answers across the enterprise in real time. Augmented agents deliver improved brand experience through messaging and live chat applications preferred by consumers and then convert more of these interactions into customer delight and revenue. Augment powers Fortune 500 brands around the world. For more information please see

Knoah Solutions Contact:

Tammy Weinstein

Senior Director, Marketing

(702) 722-5005

Knoah Solutions Adds Guatemala To Its Nearshore Offerings

Expansion allows more options for Knoah’s growing customer base


Knoah Solutions, Inc. (, a global business process outsourcing company, today announced they have expanded their global footprint with an additional nearshore facility in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Expanding to Guatemala City will allow Knoah to offer its clients additional cost-effective benefits in the region and in the same time zone as their U.S. customers. Guatemala provides an important advantage being the largest and youngest economically active labor force in Central America. It boasts a substantial pool of skilled, bilingual employees with higher education and culture oriented toward customer service.

“We are seeing tremendous growth and success in our Honduras operations and view expansion into Guatemala as a great next step for Knoah,” said Sri Myneni, CEO, and co-founder of Knoah Solutions. “The costs, culture, and labor skillsets are very similar, and that makes us confident that this expansion will be equally successful. We will be delivering our 15+ years of proven experience in building state-of-the-art customer engagement centers with advanced technology and operational practices.”

Knoah will be hiring for several hundred contact center positions over the next 12 months with the majority of openings focusing on omnichannel (including voice, social, and digital channels) customer experience delivery and language interpretation skills in addition to management and support positions.

TMC Customer Product of the Year Award for KnoahsARK 360


Our team is very proud to have won the TMC Customer Product of the Year Award for KnoahsARK 360, our performance management suite!

To read TMC’s press release about the announcement, please click here: and to learn more about KnoahsARK 360, please contact us!

Knoah Solutions, Inc. Positioned as an Aspirant in Everest Group’s 2017 Contact Center Outsourcing PEAK Matrix™


Knoah Solutions, Inc., a global business process outsourcing company, today announced that it has been recognized as an Aspirant among Contact Center Outsourcing (CCO) Providers by the Everest Group in its report titled “CCO – Service Provider Landscape with PEAK Matrix™ Assessment 2017.”

“We are very proud and happy to receive this recognition from Everest Group for the second consecutive year. Our continued investment in Digital engagement solutions combined with AI Technology and cutting edge analytics are helping us and our clients stay on the forefront of customer experience trends and best practices,” said Sri Myneni, chief executive officer and co-founder of Knoah Solutions.

Everest Group is a management consulting and research firm specializing in helping their clients make significant decisions based on objective data and insights. In that vein, Everest bases the CCO PEAK Matrix™ research on three principal sources of proprietary information: a database of over 2500 contact center outsourcing contracts, updated annually; a database of the operational capabilities of thirty or more contact center outsourcing providers, updated annually; and buyer surveys and interactions. The report “provides insights on the changing market dynamics, service provider delivery capabilities, and Everest Group’s remarks on service providers’ key strengths and areas of improvement.”

“We have the maturity and experience to provide the same service levels, infrastructure and security as the largest and most respected contact center outsourcers in the market with the flexibility and creativity of a boutique provider. It’s a powerful combination for our clients and it is encouraging to be recognized for it,” said Ralph Barletta, executive vice president and co-founder of Knoah Solutions.

Read more about the Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix™ for Contact Center Outsourcing.

Knoah Solutions Expands QA Service Offering
Creates a multi-faceted customer experience and agent performance improvement solution for contact centers.

November 07, 2016 | Las Vegas, NV

LAS VEGAS, NV, (April 7, 2017) — Knoah Solutions, Inc. (, a global business process outsourcing company, today announced the launch of its newly redesigned and rebranded customer experience and agent performance improvement offering, TotalAssurance.

“With the relaunch of TotalAssurance, we have improved on a key offering in Knoah’s service offering. We’ve taken the best practices gleaned from over sixteen years of outsourcing excellence and used that as the foundation to build a new, more comprehensive solution,” stated Gina Gottardo, Knoah Solutions’ chief quality officer.

Previously known as TotalAssure, TotalAssurance features a broader set of offerings designed to meet the needs of organizations that don’t have the budget, time, staffing, tools or in-house expertise to effectively manage a comprehensive performance improvement program.

“As the industry develops and technology advances, Knoah Solutions is committed to helping companies get the most out of the state-of-the-art WFO tools and techniques,” continued Gottardo. “By transforming TotalAssurance into a holistic performance management solution, Knoah is primed to disrupt the industry like never before.”

TotalAssurance evaluates customer care center personnel and processes and provides comprehensive and immediate feedback on daily results. The offering is based on four core elements: Transaction Monitoring, Data Analysis, Continual Improvement, and Tools and Infrastructure. These four elements are the foundation for Knoah Solutions’ ability to provide customized performance improvement that will enhance the customer experience while increasing efficiency and minimizing costs.

“No longer is third-party quality just QA, it is now complete performance management focused on customer experience,” Gottardo said. “Our solutions architects provide you with a variety of options tailored to your needs using our unique approach. Technology and a highly skilled workforce are innovatively combined to allow for a myriad of new ways to evaluate performance. More value, less cost to consumers and companies alike. That’s the future of contact center quality for 2017 and beyond.”

About Knoah Solutions:
Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or an SMB, Knoah Solutions’ global BPO services create memorable experiences that matter to your brand through our customizable and flexible RightENGAGE Customer Engagement and Back Office Solutions to our award-winning TotalAssurance third-party performance improvement solution, all powered by our proprietary WFO tool, KnoahsARK. We help you meet the needs and challenges of each of your customers through voice, chat, email, and social media. Knoah has the adaptability that big companies can’t provide and a level of competency and scale that smaller companies can’t deliver on. Knoah’s innovative and consultative approach has repeatedly earned us awards and recognition from independent review bodies like IAOP. For more information about Knoah Solutions, visit

Knoah Solutions Contact:
Tammy Weinstein
Senior Director, Marketing
(702) 722-5005


Knoah Solutions Unveils Its New Global Headquarters Location at Henderson, Nevada

November 07, 2016 | Las Vegas, NV

Newer, larger facility promises more business and job opportunities for Las Vegas, Nevada

Knoah Solutions, Inc., a global business process outsourcing company, today announced they moved their headquarters to a larger facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, the largest city in Nevada.

Situated 12 minutes from the popular Las Vegas Strip and McCarran International Airport, the new 27,600 square foot facility with 425 workstations is designed and built to facilitate additional growth and expansion opportunities for Knoah. “We are excited about this relocation,” says Ralph Barletta, Knoah Solutions’ executive vice president and co-founder. “As we continue to grow our company, this new state-of-the-art facility will allow us to expand our operations to meet the onshore needs of our Fortune 500 clients and provide a great working environment for our current and future employees.”

The announcement marks another milestone in Knoah’s 15-year history. The relocation of its corporate headquarters is another indication of Knoah’s execution of strategic growth. Earlier this year, Knoah Solutions acquired a BPO company in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, broadening its reach by providing nearshore location options and capabilities for its clients. Today, Knoah has contact centers in India, Honduras, and the U.S. with a staff of approximately 2000.

“With our 15 years of experience in delivering BPO services we have learned the importance of finding great locations to deliver high quality, cost effective results. The Las Vegas area is a great place to do business and has the talent pool we need to support all of our diverse customers and their onshore requirements. Our commitment to this new facility is a testament to our long term growth expectations for our business.”


Knoah Solutions, Inc. Broadens its Global Reach with a New Location in Honduras

June 07, 2016 | Las Vegas, NV

New acquisition enhances the company’s delivery capabilities and service offerings

Knoah Solutions, Inc., a global business process outsourcing company, today announced that it has acquired Central American BPO provider, LL Contact Center in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of Knoah Solutions Inc., USA and will be known as Knoah Solutions Honduras.

“We decided to acquire a BPO firm in Honduras as part of our global expansion plan because we believe that this location will allow us to competitively broaden our offerings and support the growing demand for high quality, low cost, English and Spanish contact center services for our global clients,” said Sri Myneni, chief executive officer and co-founder of Knoah Solutions.

Honduras shares a cultural affinity and time zone alignment with the U.S. They have the highest number of bilingual schools in Central America also making them the largest accent neutral, English-speaking workforce in the region. Tegucigalpa is a modern and growing Central American capital city with good infrastructure and transportation support along with a focus on security and supportive business climate.

“We conducted an extensive search within the Central American region for the right location and a good partnership candidate,” said Ralph Barletta, executive vice president and co-founder of Knoah Solutions. “LL Contact Center shares the same values we do and their experience in running their operations exceeded our hopes for a firm we could integrate into Knoah’s 15 year tradition of excellent service, deep expertise, and an environment our clients and associates want to be a part of.”

Knoah Solutions, headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, currently operates one location in the U.S. and two in India. The company’s growth and geographic expansion over the past 15 years to this point has been entirely organic. This acquisition represents the first step in a planned strategy to incorporate targeted inorganic growth to accelerate the company’s service delivery footprint. “Our goal is to build on our unique BPO service offering that is based on transparency, flexibility, cutting-edge technology and a consultative approach to outsourcing that supports a deeper partnership with our clients,” Barletta continued.

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Call center week

Knoah Solutions, Inc. Recognized as Best Outsourced Provider at Call Center Week Excellence Awards

June 23, 2015 | Las Vegas, NV

Knoah Honored for Differentiating Company Framework for its Employee Training, Quality and Technology-based Solutions

Knoah Solutions, Inc. (, a global business process outsourcing company, is proud to announce it received the Best Outsourced Provider at the 2015 Call Center Week Excellence Awards during the evening gala on June 16, 2015 at The Mirage in Las Vegas.

The Call Center Week Excellence Awards honors, recognizes and promotes the most innovative contact center solutions and individuals during the past year. The awards are dedicated to recognizing superior thinking, creativity and execution across the full spectrum of contact center functions.

“Getting recognized as Best Outsourced Provider at CCW Awards is significant as it validates ‘The Knoah Way’ of delivering memorable customer experiences to our clients’ customers. Our integrated service delivery model is based on a consultative approach that goes beyond a regular vendor-client engagement,” says Sri Myneni, CEO and co-founder of Knoah Solutions.

Quoting the award selection committee, “Knoah involves internal stakeholders for quality hires and does a 90-day survey on quality of hire with individual client profiles. A big differentiator is the company’s framework for competency-based training and mapping of professional, leadership and functional competencies to the big picture. TotalAssure QA, Knoah’s third-party QA solution, is a flexible and technology-based solution. It also does a pre-launch assessment review of client quality, training, operations and executive team’s expectations to determine gap analysis and then delivers a customized solution.”

“We, at Knoah Solutions, have always believed in being flexible and adaptive enough to suit the requirements of our clients using our proven processes, practices supported by skilled people and world-class infrastructure. We tailor and continually analyze and tune our delivery model over time to support our clients’ changing customer care goals. This is the essence of our value proposition,” says Ralph Barletta, EVP and co-founder, Knoah Solutions.

More than 2,000 professionals attend Call Center Week, which received nearly 200 applications for the awards.


Knoah Solutions, Inc. Receives PCI-DSS Certification

June 15, 2015 | NV | LAS VEGAS

Knoah Solutions, Inc. (, a global business process outsourcing company, today announced that it has attained full certification as a Level 1 Service Provider under the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS version 3.0). PCI DSS certification is awarded to businesses that adhere to certain security management requirements to ensure that cardholder data is safe from cyber threats.

“In today’s ever-changing digital world, PCI-DSS certification adds another layer of security already built into our daily processes to help reduce security risks relative to consumer data,” says Ralph Barletta, EVP and co-founder of Knoah Solutions. “PCI certification demonstrates to our clients our commitment to safeguard their customers’ private financial information from data breaches,” Barletta added.

PCI Security Standards Council is an organization founded by Discover Financial Services,American Express, JCB International, Visa Inc. International, and MasterCard Worldwide. For more information on the council and the security standards, visit

Knoah Solutions, Inc. Awarded a 2015 MVP Quality Award

April 13, 2015 | NV | LAS VEGAS

Knoah Solutions, Inc. (, a global business process outsourcing company, has been named a winner of a Silver MVP Quality Award from TMC’s CUSTOMER magazine.

“Receiving the MVP Quality award from a customer-centric industry publication, such as TMC’s Customer Magazine, is a third-party recognition of our best practices in Quality Management,” says Sudarshan Ankem, Vice President of TotalAssure Quality and Analytics. “It validates that TotalAssure QA powered by KnoahsARK provides the best-in-class, comprehensive solution compared to industry peers. It’s a result of Knoah’s decade of delivery experience serving globally competitive industry leaders who understand quality done right drives business results,” Ankem added.

CUSTOMER, the leading publication in CRM, call centers and teleservices since 1982, has honored Knoah as an elite leader in the call center industry with a supreme commitment to customer service.

“Knoah has demonstrated excellence in their ability to build a feeling of community while providing superior customer service,” said Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC. “The editors of CUSTOMER magazine have determined that Knoah has demonstrated a true commitment to high ethical standards, stringent policies and challenging goals.”
A full list of MVP Quality Award winners were published in the March 2015 issue of CUSTOMER magazine as well as online.

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