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The reason we picked Knoah Solutions to help us is because they are able to scale with the growth that we are going to have. Also, Knoah Solutions is very flexible in working with customers to make sure their needs are met.

The biggest thing that Knoah has helped us in is Communication. Someone is always available. They have a great support team and it’s going to help us grow.

The big thing that drove us to Knoah Solutions was the culture. They are culture-driven organization and that’s a big thing.

Knoah provided us the highest CSAT to date for chat. This is a great accomplishment!


Our partnership with Knoah certainly yields benefits in the economic delivery of quality service. Of equal importance, is the Company’s flexibility and genuine lack of bureaucracy

Knoah is one of the most competent, flexible companies we have worked with. They truly got to know our business and tailored a solution that met our needs concisely. We had worked with other India outsourcers but Knoah truly is in a class of its own.

Knoah Solutions has proven to be very flexible for us. We appreciate their openness and swiftness to change direction to help us meet our business needs.

The site diversity that Knoah provides us, having multiple locations around the world, really helps our customers.

Knoah has demonstrated their value on numerous occasions by being immediately available for any issue that arises. This flexibility turns into creative solutions with a rapid response.

Of course, Knoah provided us competent staff and experienced management but they also helped us with our telecom setup, provided us chat software and helped us develop a QA program.

The Knoah Group genuinely wants to help with any business agenda that we present and they will find a way to create satisfaction.

Thank you for contacting us. Our team will reach out to you soon.

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