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General FAQs
Call Center Outsourcing

How can Knoah Solutions help you?

Knoah Solutions provides onshore and offshore contact center outsourcing services from its world-class global delivery centers in Hyderabad, India and Las Vegas, USA. With over a decade of experience in providing excellent call center outsourcing services to Global 500 clientele, we have the required infrastructure, processes, practices, and talent pool to provide the flexibility and adaptability to fulfill your organizations’ call center requirements. We currently offer a wide range of solutions that can be mixed and matched to meet the unique requirements of any client.

What kind of call center services can you outsource?

Today, contact centers process customer requests across various channels. Some examples of outsourced contact center operations include:

Inbound call center services:

Customer queries addressed to the organizations’ call center get re-routed to an outsourced center, where subject matter experts troubleshoot issues and provide the customer with solutions.

Outbound call center services:

Calls are made by the outsourced center, on request by organizations. These calls are mostly made for marketing, survey or debt-recovery purposes.

Technical support:

Customer complaints or requests are tracked, resolved and closed by technical support representatives working out of the outsourced center.

Email support service:

Support service extended through email. This could include technical support, marketing collaterals, campaigns, and survey questionnaires.

Chat support services:

Support service extended through chat. This is mostly for live, real-time technical support.

Everest Group: Contact Center Outsourcing (CCO) –
Annual Report 2013: Focus on Customer Experience Management

Why should you consider call center outsourcing?

Today, a number of organizations across the world are exploring the benefits of call center outsourcing, as indicated by the 7-8% growth in 2012 to reach US$65-70 billion1. Forrester’s recent survey of 304 North American and European network and telecommunications decision makers shows that nearly 20% of these companies have already outsourced some or all of their contact center activities, or are considering doing so. But how can your organization benefit from call center outsourcing?

Call center vendors handle these outsourced operations using their own staff and physical infrastructure. This leaves you free to focus on your core businesses or competencies while increasing your productivity and profits, and decreasing costs. Have there been times when your business has been faced with a sudden flood of customer queries? Many companies also go to call center vendors to bridge language gaps or react quickly to seasonal volume changes.

What is call center outsourcing?

Call center outsourcing involves subcontracting or delegating call center related work to an external vendor. Call centers handle inbound or outbound calls for a specific company, and these calls can range from order placements, pure-play customer service or billing calls, and technical support. A company may choose to outsource only part of its call center operations (such as certain verticals), or all of it.

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Call Center Outsourcing Companies

What aspects are important when evaluating call center outsourcing companies?

Call centers offer a wide spectrum of services, which makes them a one-stop shop to meet all client requirements. When you’re evaluating the merits of working with call center outsourcing companies, you should consider the following aspects:


How long has the call center company been in business? What prior experience does the leadership of the company have? Who are the clients in their portfolio? For instance, Knoah Solutions was founded in 2001, and delivers unparalleled expertise in the areas of customer support, back office processing, business transcription, quality monitoring and concierge services to a wide range of industries.

Training and recruitment:

What specific skillsets do the agents have? How are agents trained to handle specific verticals? How often are agents recruited, and what training process do they undergo? At Knoah Solutions, we develop custom recruitment profiles for each client program and design a recruiting strategy that will enable us to attract the right candidates. We also conduct communication skills training, domain training and pre/post-production training programs for our agents.

Size and location:

How large is the call center team? Where are the call center facilities located? Knoah Solutions, for example, has operations facilities in Las Vegas, Nevada and Hyderabad, India, as well as locations in California, Washington, and New Jersey

Support options:

What is the variety of support channels that the call center outsourcing company offers? Knoah Solutions is a leading provider of multi-channel customer support, including web chat, mobile chat, e-mail and voice.

How do organizations view call center outsourcing companies?

Historically, businesses engaged with call center outsourcing companies because of the cost advantage, or because call centers could help manage increased call volumes during specific peak periods. While this still holds true, call center outsourcing companies have significantly improved their use of cutting-edge technologies, agent training and support channel offerings over the years. Today, call centers are seen as attractive business investments because they help you increase the overall service quality provided to end-customers. Also, contact center customer satisfaction has a significant impact on your business’s future success — customers who are highly satisfied with contact center interactions are 182% more likely than less-satisfied customers to make contact again. This leads to increased frequency of interaction and better customer engagement1.

What are the benefits of partnering with a call center outsourcing company?

Call center outsourcing companies like Knoah Solutions offer global businesses like yours the opportunity to outsource the handling of customer phone calls. When you partner with a call center outsourcing company, you benefit from decreased operational and recruitment costs that are often associated with hiring in-house professionals for the job. You should also remember that outsourcing returns are sometimes best counted not only in dollars and cents, but also in terms of efficiency and bandwidth. By using the services of a call center, you have the ability to focus on your core competencies and better allocate resources required to fuel business growth.

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Call Center Outsourcing Services

How can Knoah Solutions help?

Knoah Solutions is an end-to-end outsourcing services provider. We help you address your business challenges through our call center outsourcing services solutions, which leaves you to utilize your manpower and infrastructure resources for core competencies to improve your bottom line without having to invest in training costs or expensive software. When you choose Knoah Solutions as your call center outsourcing services partner, you benefit from:

  • The specialized skills of our team of experienced professionals, who help you with specific business goals like improving the quaity of customer support.
  • Our proven processes and industry best practices which enhance effectiveness, reduce costs, and optimize business processes for our global clients.
  • Our ability to manage your customer relationships with efficiency as an extension of you and provide round-the-clock customer service at reduced costs.

Why should you outsource your services to a call center?

Call center outsourcing service providers usually invest in networks and systems that meet the following requirements:


Call centers ensure that applications and services are accessible at all times to accommodate multiple clients.


Call centers reconfigure and troubleshoot systems with ease and customize applications to suit your needs.

Service Quality:

Call centers lay out terms in service-level agreements, and these are a measure of the quality and reliability of voice and data services.


Call centers help your organization guard against system failures and data loss; they ensure continuous running without service interruption; and they are able to work in a disaster-recovery situation.


The systems, networks, and processes of a call center can handle a growing volume of work efficiently or scale up to accommodate the growth.


Call centers prevent client data from being compromised and privacy regulations from being violated.

To learn more about the Knoah's call center outsourcing services and solutions, please click here
Customer Service Outsourcing

Why you should outsource your customer services to Knoah?

Knoah has over a decade of experience in providing exceptional customer service to global 500 clients. With the required processes, infrastructure, talent pool, and practices to provide flexibility and adaptability in operations, Knoah is geared to be the customer service outsourcing firm of choice.

Advantages of customer service outsourcing:

Call centers offer a wide spectrum of services, which makes them a one-stop shop to meet all client requirements. When you’re evaluating the merits of working with call center outsourcing companies, you should consider the following aspects:

Greater customer satisfaction:

With a multi-channel contact center to answer their queries/concerns via the channel of their choice (calls, e-mail, web chat, or self-service options), your customers are happier and this leads to higher CSAT scores.

Fewer staffing issues:

Staffing is no longer your headache. You don’t have to worry about losing a good employee who is demotivated after listening to customer complaints. Nor do you have to worry about managing call volumes during peak season or the possibility of losing customers due to staff shortages. Outsourced firms handle it all through effective workforce management.

Hassle-free experience:

The customer service outsourcing vendor will be responsible for day-to-day running of the customer contact center, as well as emergencies or contingencies

Cost savings:

You do not have to pay for a payroll employee, and neither do you have to invest in expensive contact center equipment purchase or maintenance. Similarly, you also save on the cost of updating/maintaining infrastructure.

To Invest Wisely, Know The Business Value Of Diverse Contact Center Solutions

A Social Computing Report – 2011

Why should you consider customer service outsourcing?

As an organization, you stand to gain through customer service outsourcing, because it frees up your time and resources so that you can focus on your core competencies. But the decision to partner with a customer service outsourcing vendor should be made after a careful evaluation of several factors. The customer service outsourcing vendor must make sure that customers don’t feel like they are interacting with a different organization – they should always feel like they are connecting with your brand. So, the customer service outsourcing partner must know enough about your company, products, and services to effectively up-sell or cross-sell. When organizations like yours examine the expenses associated with their customer service center, they recognize the merits of customer service outsourcing. The only thing holding them back is the perception that a third-party firm may not be able to connect with the customer as well as an in-house customer service center. These concerns are effectively addressed when an organization partners with Knoah Solutions.

What is customer service outsourcing?

If improving customer service is an important priority for your business, then you’re in good company. Forrester Research1 reveals that 40 percent of respondents (across 75 organizations) report that “improving the customer experience” was their most important customer service goal. For many organizations, customer service is an important business process to ensure satisfaction and retention of customers. It is pivotal since it helps cater to the wants and needs of your customers. Customer service is a key differentiator of an organization from its competitors. . The same report1 from Forrester tells us that 20 percent of the respondents said “creating a competitive advantage” was their most important customer service goal. But because customer service is a non-core activity for many organizations, outsourcing their customer service function to third- parties is often a preferred option.

Customer service outsourcing needs vary across industries, and between companies within industries. Our well-trained agents, exhaustive services, abundant resources, and cutting-edge technologies enable us to customize our customer service outsourcing solutions to suit your unique needs. To learn more about our solutions and how we can create a partnership today, please visit, click here
Customer Services Outsourcing Companies

What are the business processes that contact centers handle?

  • Planning: Contact center planning includes areas such as recruitment, workforce management, resource planning, and contingency planning.
  • Employee retention and development: This includes career planning, training, performance management, quality monitoring, compensation, and benefits.
  • Mangement of operations: This covers change management, service-level agreements, client contracts, and project management.
  • Customer management: This covers the entire customer lifecycle from handling customer inquiries, escalation processes, and customer interaction management to administering customer surveys for ensuring customer delight.
Contact center outsourcing companies seek to optimize their processes and work within their chosen organizational set up to maximize your returns and ensure satisfaction of your customers.

What are the different types of contact center outsourcing companies?

The global contact center market is expected to grow at 2.6% through 2018 to keep pace with the growing demand for customer service in emerging countries and the purchasing power of population in developed countries1. In this scenario, there are several contact centers that handle large volumes of customer requests across different channels. They are of different types based on their operational model and functionality 2 :

  • Bureaucratic/Pyramid Style: The bureaucratic setup is one that has a pyramid-style organization. The CEO or President is right on top of the organizational chart followed by middle management and finally, the agents.
  • Flat Structure: A flat structure is adopted by some contact center outsourcing companies to facilitate quick implementation of procedures and policies.
  • Japanese-style Structure: A Japanese-style structure consists of teams that work for timely execution of projects.
  • Matrix-style Setup: A Matrix-style organization has several managers who share responsibilities and manage the same staff.

How are contact center outsourcing companies different from each other? What are the typical processes that they handle?

When you partner with a contact center outsourcing company, they become the focal point of customer communications. According to recent research by Aberdeen1, best-in-class contact centers help clients enjoy results such as “84% first contact resoltuion rate, an 11.7% annual increase in agent producticity and an 8.2% year-over-year decrease in customer care costs”. With staff that is trained to reflect our brand in customer acquisition, retention, and service, contact center outsourcing companies are geared to give growing organizations the support they require to meet customer demands.

As one of the leading contact center outsourcing companies, Knoah Solntions currently offers a wide range of contact center outsourcing solutions that can be mixed and matched to meet your unique requirements. To get in touch with Knoah and explore how we can help you with your contact center requirements, click here
Customer Support Outsourcing

Benefits of choosing Knoah Solutions for customer support outsourcing:

With over a decade of experience in providing excellent customer service to global 500 clients , Knoah delivers:

  • Increased customer satisfaction leading to reduced customer churn
  • Increased revenues through customer acquisition and customer retention strategies
  • Reduced cost of providing quality customer care through effective customer support outsourcing solutions

How can Knoah Solutions help you?

Knoah provides onshore and offshore contact center outsourcing services from its world-class global delivery centers in Hyderabad, India, and Las Vegas, USA. Knoah has the required infrastructure, processes, practices, and talent pool to provide the flexibility, adaptability and scalability to partner with your organization throughout every phase of growth. Knoah offers a wide range ofcustomer support outsourcing solutions that can be mixed and matched to meet the unique requirements of any client, and in each solution we give you much more than just agents and workstations.

What is customer support outsourcing?

According to recent research by Aberdeen, 65% of 162 respondents surveyed cited ‘time to issue resolution’ as the top reason for customer complaints. This shows that the quality of customer support has a direct impact on the quality of customer delight. And in the long run, it pays to keep customers happy – 42% of the same survey respondents indicated that as satisfied customers, they would continue to spend money on products and services

To ensure that customer support requirements are not just met but exceeded, outsourcing a part or whole of customer support services is becoming popular among companies large and small. Support services include resolution of billing queries, taking orders, registration of new customers, activation of accounts, and recording complaints.

Support or help desks take calls from customers to answer their technical questions on how to use their equipment or software. Customer support outsourcing vendors also answer specific queries relating to customer issues, such as questions about their bank account or utility payments. Organizations such as yours can outsource a part or whole of your operations to a third-party, as these firms may even address customer complaints and employ customer retention strategies.

If you are striving to:

  • Improve the quality of customer support
  • Improve customer retention
  • Manage customer service expectations
  • Reduce costs, and
  • Ensure data and information security,
Maybe it’s time you considered customer support outsourcing.
For more details on Knoah Solutions, click here to visit our website.
Contact Center Vendor

Cost Benefits:

Cost is always a factor while looking for the right contact center vendor. However, organizations must have a view of the larger picture and not concentrate only on the cost-benefit angle.

Adequate Technology:

The contact center vendor should be equipped with the latest technology to handle calls and other sales & marketing efforts.


You need reports from your contact center vendor to manage operations.

Contact center staff, training, and turnover Issues:

  • Agents: Evaluate the professionalism of their agents during a site visit or while placing random calls to their contact center. Find out if these are the kind of agents you want handling your operations.
  • Supervisors: Are the agent supervisors’ or team leads knowledgable? Do they make you comfortable? Are you assured that they will train their agents to the best of their abilities and work seamlessly with your team in a remote setting?
  • Quality of Training program: The quality of the training program that contact center agents go through is paramount to the success of the agents in effective call handling. Will they be adaptive to your training materials and implement them effectively is another item to consider.
  • Monitoring and Coaching: Theprocess in place regarding monitoring and coaching that a contact center vendors invest in speaks volumes about how seriously they take their training needs. Look for contact center vendors that allow you to monitor your own calls remotely and that can send you call recordings on request.
  • Everest Group: Contact Center Outsourcing (CCO) – Annual Report 2013: Focus on Customer Experience Management
  • Agent Turnover: If the contact center vendor’s staff faces a frequent turnover, this is a bad sign since it will mean that new staff will be handling your customers often. They may not have enough experience or product knowledge to field questions effectively.
  • Work culture: Are the agents at the contact center vendor’s organization happy? Happy agents are productive agents, so you might want to know how they are feeling and the work culture prevailing there.

Contact center vendor experience:

Inquire if the contact center vendor of choice has done similar work. If your program is inbound and they primarily do outbound, they may not be the right fit. If you are looking for sales calls and they specialize in customer service, their agents may not have the right skills and personalities. Experience in your vertical business area is also desirable.

Selecting the right contact center vendor is a critical decision as it will directly impact your relationship with customers. You should evaluate a variety of factors that determine the success of a partnership between your organization and the vendor’s. To learn about how Knoah Solutions could be the right contact center vendor for you, please click here to visit our website.
Contact Center Outsourcing

As an organization, you might have some concerns regarding the impact of contact center outsourcing on customer service:

  • Will a third-party firm have adequate knowledge of my industry, company, or its products to provide satisfactory and informed responses to customers?
  • Will cross-selling or up-selling opportunities be seized by the contact center to generate incremental revenue?
  • And most importantly, will my customers feel that they’ve been asked to contact a different company— one that is disinterested and disparate?
These concerns underscore the need for effective vendor management in a successful outsourcing relationship – one that you can be assured of when you partner with Knoah Solutions. When you select our contact center outsourcing services, you partner with trust, experience and flexibility, as our clients have repeatedly experienced: “Knoah has demonstrated their value on numerous occasions by being immediately available for any issue that arises. This flexibility turns into creative solutions for daunting problems with a rapid response”.

What is the recipe for successful contact center outsourcing?

The success of contact center outsourcing depends on the ability of the contact center to provide a professional service (to both the company and the customer) all the while emulating your brand and mission.

Choosing a contact center that provides multi-channel support also contributes to a succesful outsourcing experience, as customer communication is no longer restricted to telephone calls. Consumers expect support via multiple channels — telephone, e-mail, and web interactions. Research from Abderdeen1 states that “businesses following a multi-channel customer care strategy achieve more than twice (9.7% vs 3.9%) year-over-year improvements in customer satisfaction, compared to peers using only a single channel”. This requires an increasingly specialized communications infrastructure that can support both “live” agents and automated applications, and adequate back office databases and systems support.

When you partner with a contact center outsourcing vendor, make sure you consider their access to the latest technology. To stay competitive, outsourcers may need to invest in new systems, such as speech recognition applications. They may also invest in systems that enable optimum resource allocation, so that staffing levels are able to match demand. Through workforce optimization and other measures, a contact center outsourcing vendor can quickly meet seasonal fluctuations in call volumes. The rapid deployment model is an outsourcer’s asset, yet there are concerns and drawbacks with outsourcing.
“Multi-channel Contact Center – Delight customer where they Live” report from November 2012 – Aberdeen

What is contact center outsourcing?

Businesses are increasingly turning to contact center outsourcing, where some or all of the contact center operations are managed by one or more third-parties. Contact center outsourcing helps organizations reduce their overheads when compared to maintaining an in-house department to manage customer interaction. Contact centers can help your organization win new business and serve your existing customers in a manner that elicits loyalty. Organizations of varied sizes are embracing contact center outsourcing. If you’re a start-up or a small company, you might prefer to outsource rather than invest in equipment and staff. If you’re a medium or large corporation, you might want to consider a mixed environment, where you choose to outsource only certain functions such as collections, telemarketing, or IVR.

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Contact Center Quality Assurance

How can Knoah Solutions help you with contact center quality assurance?

Quality is at the center of Knoah’s business value proposition. We offer a wide range of analytics, dedicated quality teams, and a robust agent performance management platform to enable your contact center quality assurance process. We provide turnkey solutions like TotalAssureQA, a third party Quality Assurance (QA) offering developed for organizations that don’t have the budget, time, staffing, tools or in-house expertise to effectively manage a comprehensive Quality Assurance program. We work closely with you to reach quality, customer satisfaction, and business metric goals.

Include performance measurement:

You cannot manage what you don’t measure. For successful contact center quality assurance, do not eliminate the strength of consistently improving agent performance. You must perform regular targeted agent assessments, provide meaningful feedback by reviewing calls, increase training to help improve efficiency and maximize revenue. After all, when employees are happy, customers are happier.
So, go ahead and give your contact center a customer-centric makeover now!

Build company culture:

In order have a customer-oriented contact center build customer-centricity as your culture. Every employee affects customer relationship and experience. Therefore, quality assurance requires adherence to compliance. Have a handle on where agents are deviating from defined protocols and processes to improve policy adherence. Include real-time monitoring to provide agents with clearly defined expectations on customer management. By implementing such a mind-set at the ground level, the entire organizational landscape will benefit.

Keep it simple:

A part of your contact center quality assurance monitoring program is to provide easy access for customers. Include your agents in your efforts, and make your contact center focused around customers needs. Provide your agents with market intelligence, information on products and competition to support customer communication. Optimize your staff schedules to handle peak customer hours. In this way, you can ensure improved sales and service performance, enhanced customer loyalty and satisfaction levels.

The customer still is the king:

Yes, as always! Everything that your business does is to benefit the customer. Seeing the customer’s perspective, more so by your agents’ point of view, improves customer service quality. With contact center quality assurance as your foundation, you can enable better performance aligned with your core objectives. By improving business processes like reduced call transfers, improved self-service options, and first call resolution (FCR) you can provide better customer service.

As a contact center manager, you are driven by three core objectives:

    • Improving customer satisfaction and retention levels
    • Increasing revenue by cross and up-selling
    • Decreasing operational costs

In a fast-paced and often hectic contact center environment, you’re counting on smooth operations to deliver enhanced customer service. This requires you to consistently identify areas for improvement and raise performance benchmarks. To take your contact center to the next level and become more customer-centric, then contact center quality assurance and monitoring is your first step.

Traditionally contact center quality assurance has focused on the back end of the activity, assessing interaction after it is completed. Quality cannot be an after-thought. Contact center quality assurance is fundamental, as it gives you a comprehensive overview of what’s happening. Reports highlight trends and provide and analysis of customer behavior, while voice recordings can help understand what your agents are saying to your customers and capture their responses. However, some key factors help improve your contact center operations. Experts suggest four focus areas as primary management objectives determining quality to drive optimal outcomes:

To learn more about our solutions and how we can create a partnership today, please click here
Call Center Quality Monitoring

Why consider partnering with Knoah for call center quality monitoring?

Quality is at the center of Knoah’s business value proposition. We offer a wide range of analytics, dedicated quality teams, and a robust agent performance management platform to enable your call center quality monitoring process. We provide turnkey core competency solutions like TotalAssureQA, a third party Quality Assurance (QA) offering developed for organizations that don’t have the budget, time, staffing, tools or in-house expertise to effectively manage a comprehensive Quality Assurance program. We work closely with you to reach quality, customer satisfaction, and business metric goals.

Go the extra mile in your customer relationships:

Research indicates a direct correlation between call center quality monitoring and customer satisfaction levels. The more frequent, accurate, and disciplined your investment is in monitoring and coaching staff, the better customer service you are able to deliver. What this means is bigger sales and higher customer retention levels.

For a truly objective result, call center quality monitoring must be a habitual process. It enables you to make faster and more informed decisions. It also improves workforce scheduling and provides an infinite information source to help implement or refine agent training – after all, agents are your brand’s spokespeople in any customer interaction. For companies with no monitoring systems, outsourcing call center quality monitoring activity to experts is a cost-effective option.

Making sense of gathered information:

Monitoring quality for any call center is critical since it’s a source for invaluable customer insights. It is an indicator of your performance and actual customer experience. By regularly monitoring call center quality, you can set standards of evaluation for agents, maintain best practices, support feedback, and benefit from the gathered information by using it in training and development of staff. Such measures help you maintain high standards of customer service.

At the ‘center’ of it all:

Your call center is at the heart of your customer relationship management. Without question, the most effective way to measure call center quality is call monitoring. Companies doing so have reported specific improvement in call quality, a specific gain in customer satisfaction, significantly reduced customer response and handling time, and callbacks. These contribute to improvements such as higher first call resolution, fewer customer complaints and errors, improved overall call quality, and service levels, reduced turnover, and higher employee morale.

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