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Throughout our long history and reputation of providing outstanding results for our clients, Knoah has been honored with numerous awards and recognition.

Global Delivery Centers

Knoah Solutions’ wide range of outsourcing services combined with the flexibility of choosing onshore, offshore, nearshore or a combination of locations provides a powerful and flexible value proposition to our clients.

Our right shoring model allows us to customize your solution by offering your customers around the clock support, highly trained staff and multilingual support at lower costs, allowing us to scale our capabilities as your needs change.







Onshore - Las Vegas
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Knoah’s onshore facility is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is centrally located near McCarran Airport and world class amenities for visitors. Las Vegas is home to a wealth of call center experienced personnel as well as access to UNLV Graduates.
Offshore - Hyderabad & Pune
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The princely city of Hyderabad has been a commercial hub since 1591 AD. It presents fascinating panorama of the past, with rich cultural heritage and myriad traditions complemented by world class technology & infrastructure making it the most preferred destination for investors and business. Our Hyderabad facility is located within Hi-Tech City. Hyderabad has an IT Employee base of 250K, with around 700K people supporting this industry Hi-Tech City is a special IT/ITES corridor which was created to ensure safety and secured environment for business investors.
Our Pune facility is situated in what has become the Silicon Valley of India. Both locations offer a large population of highly educated people, well-developed technology and core services infrastructure at lower costs for staff and facilities than other Indian cities.
Nearshore - Honduras
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Our nearshore facility is located in Tegucigalpa, Honduras Tegucigalpa is Honduras' largest and most populous city as well as the nation's political and administrative center. Tegucigalpa serves as the national education center, hosting most of the universities and higher education institutions in the country, including the country's most important public university, the National Autonomous University of Honduras. This Central American city is known for its highly educated and accent neutral, bilingual English and Spanish speaking workforce. It’s the largest English speaking population in the region.

Flexible Delivery Models

Flexibility is key differentiator in Knoah’s approach to supporting our clients.

We have clients with ten to hundreds of agents supporting programs with a single focus in one service area to multiple service areas across multiple locations and vendors.  All of them receive the benefit of our flexible management approach. This flexibility extends to our ability to successfully support different delivery models regardless of client size.

Turnkey Delivery:

Knoah’s comprehensive infrastructure and access to a wide range of CRM and knowledge management software products enables us to deliver end-to-end solutions to you. We can take care of provisioning Telco circuits, setting up IVR trees, procuring and configuring CRM software, and providing any custom application integration or reporting work that would be required to support any of your needs, and can be delivered within a single service or across multiple services as required.

Multi-Vendor Delivery:

Knoah can be a tremendous asset for you if you use a multi-vendor strategy. We are a provider that produces outstanding results and are often the benchmark that drives the other partners to achieve improved performance overall. Our flexibility, openness and proactive management style enable us to support experimental efforts and changes in requirements that larger partners avoid due to contractual issues or rigid management approaches. We love to compete, and thrive in an environment where high performance drives opportunities for growth.

Blended Delivery:

If you’re looking for a delivery model that ensures an optimal mix of cost savings, knowledge preservation and escalation support, consider using a blended delivery model. This approach allows you to allocate a portion of your customer engagement business to Knoah, while you retain the other portion within your in-house team. To ensure a successful integration of service delivery, we make KnoahsARK 360 available to your team to help create a comprehensive view of your entire operation. We can configure our voice environment to accept a portion of calls as dictated by the client’s IVR or we can host the IVR and distribute calls back to your in-house team, similar to the turnkey approach.

Multi-Language Delivery:

Knoah provides competitive pricing for European language support including: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch. This work is accomplished through our own onshore, offshore and nearshore locations as well as a partnering relationship with a multi-language firm with a similar customer support experience and philosophy to Knoah’s. We are able to link call handling through our U.S.-based VOIP platform and record/monitor and evaluate the calls handled through KnoahsARK.

5 Differentiating Strengths



Not an Out-of-Box Solution

Our key differentiator is the mix of the flexibility, performance and agility of a small company, with the capability and competency of a large company, without the red-tape. Our focus on customer experience quality with much lower than average cost/pricing really sets us apart. No other vendor can provide the combination of expertise, flexibility, functionality and cost savings that Knoah provides for its clients.



with Our Clients & with Their Customers

We've helped clients maintain year-over-year J.D. Power & Associates Call Center Recognition for Outstanding Customer Service Experience



Proactive & Transparent

Knoah takes a 360 degree approach towards each of our client's customer engagements, providing “deep dive” analysis to determine customer satisfaction. We take a consultative approach to discovering and uncovering factors that are affecting the quality of your customer interactions



Knoah continues to invest in its own innovative software suite (KnoahsARK™) to improve its management and operational efficiencies, making the company more flexible and less dependent on other vendor products for maintaining and improving customer service.



We simplify and Solve

Knoah's agility and experience allows us to provide our clients sustainable results:

  • Within 80 Days, Knoah surpassed our Wireless Manufacturing client's incumbent vendor's KPI performance at a cost that was 25% Lower thereby delivering greater value for the client

  • After partnering with Knoah to enhance its customer base and achieve high sales, Our Travel Industry client was able to attain high customer satisfaction on post contact surveys of over 94%

Innovative Technology – Analytics

Knoah Ark Knoahsark Solutions

Analyze and decide

Analyze and decide

Enhance customer experience

Enhance customer experience

Manage Multi-site environment

Manage Multi-site environment

Reduce cost

Reduce cost

Manage staffing

Manage staffing

Improve processes and practices

Improve processes and practies


KnoahsARK is an integrated contact center performance management software that goes beyond agent level workforce management and brings our clients One View Analytics and Actionable Insights for their entire customer experience program environment across multiple levels and across multiple locations, providing a gateway to all applications at Knoah. KnoahsARK has been developed based on our experience of managing people, processes and technology for our global, Fortune 500 clients.

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At Knoah, we know that customer satisfaction and quality require more than just hiring and training the best and the brightest:

They require seamless communication tools, ongoing quality improvement initiatives, and a host of other important services that ensure that your customers are receiving the world-class service and responsiveness they deserve.

Knoah's Quality assurance objectives are clear and consistent-identifying the details of each and every agent transaction. Knoah uses comprehensive data to drive our transaction assessments. Our recording and monitoring platform allows us to identify customer satisfaction issues, provide feedback on every aspect of any troublesome transaction, and react appropriately in near real-time. Our quality processes and procedures give us the whole picture of a transaction–not just a portion–and give us a stronger ability to measure customer satisfaction survey results. Armed with our quality measurements, we can provide a much quicker timeframe for issue resolution than that of our competitors.

To accomplish our quality assurance objectives, our detailed process includes:

  • Dedicated full-time quality assurance analysts

  • Custom quality metrics aligned with client goals and objectives.

  • Quality scores recorded and reported using our proprietary software, KnoahsARK™

  • Live monitoring, recorded calls, results and reports are all made available to our Knoah management teams & you through a cloud-based, online portal, 24/7/360.

  • KnoahsARK™ quality assurance tool is comprehensive and enables Knoah to evaluate voice, chat, email, social media , & back office transactions in detail so that we can better respond to the needs of your customers.

Internal Communication:

Knoah agents receive daily feedback from team leads, as well as participate in weekly feedback forums that discuss the trends and processes in the industry.

External Communication:

Calibration sessions are carried out between the Knoah quality team and our clients' quality team or representative to ensure each and every quality guideline laid out has been addressed.


Knoah provides its clients with a number of reports including:

  • Incoming Volume

  • Agent Volume

  • Queue Productivity (turnaround)

  • Abandonment

  • Volume Patterns (by the hour/ day and by agent)

  • Top Issues Observed in the center

  • Traffic patterns vs. Staffing Pattern

For Voice Transactions, Knoah provides ACD reporting, which includes:

  • Volume reports: Offered, Answered, Abandoned, AHT, ABD %, Service Level and ASA.

  • Agent reports: Calls Answered, AHT, Hold Time and other individual agent metrics.

Knoah's proprietary system, KnoahsARK™, provides a number of operational measurements by capturing and monitoring, and providing feedback to our agents servicing customer support requests. Knoah utilizes a dedicated reporting team that data mines all available reports for trending analysis in all operational areas. Some of these operational reports include:

  • Quality Assurance – measured and reported in daily, weekly, and monthly increments

  • Forecast Accuracy

  • Volume Trends

  • Handle and/or Processing Time

Knoah will make the above reporting available on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis as part of our standard reports package. We will also provide ad-hoc reports as necessary. During implementation, reporting needs and timing will be determined in detail. Information that we collect locally on quality or other productivity metrics is made available to clients via direct, secure access to Knoah's reporting servers, or via regular email of files.


At Knoah we strive for continuous improvement of all key metrics and understand that target goals may change as the project matures. We periodically look for opportunities to raise the targets and deliver higher value to our customers. Our analysis and focus on agent coaching ensure that continual learning is encouraged at Knoah.

4P model of service delivery

Knoah’s service delivery model is a rationale behind how we deliver quality of service to our clients customers by mitigating all possible business risks at every level. It’s a framework which consists of 4Ps and encompasses every aspect of service delivery.

  • Program 4P Program 4P
  • People 4P
  • Process 4P Process 4P
  • Proliferation 4P Proliferation 4P

IT Infrastructure

Knoah recognizes that a robust technology infrastructure is a key element in delivering world class, 24/7 customer support.

Knoah’s Data Network Infrastructure Knoah’s Agents are supported by a redundant data network that allows them to access information on our client’s systems securely and reliably. Our redundant shared fiber networks with VPNs deliver data/application access cost effectively and securely. Knoah’s global corporate security program extends to all our facilities. Our information security program defines policies and controls across all entities and ensures they are in compliance with an ISO 27001:2013 control framework; undergoing various audits throughout the year to confirm continued alignment with controls established.

  • Audits are
    conducted by:

    External Security Audit Firms
    Various Clients/Partners
    Knoah's Internal security Team

  • Knoah's industry
    certifications and
    compliance practices include:

    ISO 27001:2013
    Payment Card Industry (PCI) 3.2

  • General Security
    • Resources on client's environment
    • Access controls on system
    • Log retention
    • Periodic Security Refreshers & audits
    • Printers & Shredders
  • Knoah Solutions Data Network Infrastructure
  • Network Security
    • Logically/Physically segregated Networks
    • No wireless access points
    • Restricted internet, e-mail & VPN access
  • Physical Security
    • CCTV Cameras
    • Electronic card key with Badge
    • Auditable logs
    • Restricted Entry
    • Physically segregated work space


Strong processes and practices validated by global certifications

  • ISO Certification

    Knoah practices high standards of Information Security Management System and is certified as ISO 27001:2013 organization.

  • HIPPA Certification

    We are certified for HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

  • We are among very few companies that are Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard 3.2 Compliant.

Knoah’s engagement solutions let you Be Great at What You Do.

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