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Success in real estate is built on strong relationships.



    • For 44 percent of recent buyers, the first step in finding a new property was to look online.

    • Eighty-eight percent of home buyers make their purchase through an agent.

    • Home buyers are on the market for an average of 10 weeks, looking at a median of 10 homes.



    • Working with agents and service providers to provide clients with exceptional service to clients and consistently meet KPIs.



    • Customer Care

    • Online Engagement

    • Sales Support

    • Third-Party Performance Improvement

    • Customer Loyalty Management

    • Back Office Services



    • Engage customers with industry-specific expertise

    • Offer multichannel support

    • Fulfill KPIs at a reduced cost

    • Efficiently complete transactions

    • Set appointments and perform pre-qualification assessment.

Industry Overview – Real Estate

Capturing the possibilities of the real estate market requires thoughtful strategy

The right technology and processes enable the connections that are crucial to real estate firms.

For real estate brokers and service providers alike, there are tremendous opportunities to grow an organization in the industry. The construction and sale of new homes have been trending upward in recent years, along with prices. Business leaders who are seeking to make the most of those developments must prioritize bringing in new clients and forming lasting bonds with existing ones.

Sustainable growth takes an agile, proactive approach to managing communications and business processes. The ways people shop for homes and engage with organizations have changed along with technology. Much of the purchase process happens online, so speedy communications through multiple channels are becoming an increasingly vital aspect of doing business.

Real estate firms have to adapt to the growing expectations of consumers and be prepared to handle a growing number of messages online as well as over the phone. By responding immediately to questions or problems and functioning more efficiently as whole, a firm prepares itself to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s market.

  • The median price of U.S. homes rose by over 11 percent between 2009 and 2017.
  • Millennials now represent a third of the buyer pool and are more likely to rely on online or mobile tools when searching for a home.
  • Sixty-four percent of sellers who worked with agents found them through a referral.

          *Source – Multiple Industry Reports and Online Resources

Knoah keeps you connected with clients throughout every transaction

For businesses looking to optimize operations and readily engage clients, it pays to have an experienced business process outsourcing partner. Access to robust technology, multiple contact center locations and knowledgeable personnel makes all the difference in building a powerful strategy for the future of a real estate organization. Organizations benefit from making themselves more accessible, – easily responding to inquiries from clients and arranging appointments – while tracking performance against vital metrics.

Knoah Solutions is a leader in contact center outsourcing services, bringing real estate services providers the tools and talent they need to complete transactions reliably and maintain positive relationships. A customizable set of solutions, from third-party performance improvement to omnichannel customer support, ensures that a firm has all the resources it needs to seize the most exciting opportunities the real estate market has to offer.

Technology and Product Innovations

Industries We Serve

Our Global and Fortune 500 Clients Trust Their Brands to Us!

We have gained capabilities and experience across a wide range of industries, while developing tenured relationships that span 8+ years with some of the world’s most respected brands.

  • Consumer Electronics

    Exceed your consumers’ expectations with better customer care solutions on every step of their journey.

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  • Retail Ecommerce

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  • Travel Hospitality

    Whether traveling for business or pleasure - our services guarantee consumers associate your name with a successful trip.

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  • Utilities

    Customer service is a top priority for utility companies that must comply with security standards and respond to modern consumer needs.

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  • Insurance

    We understand how to address your challenges to meet your needs.

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  • Manufacturing

    The information age means consumers want to know where products come from, how they work and the brand behind merchandise.

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  • ISP Broadband

    Customer data can be one of the most dependable source of information in an industry built on innovation.

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  • Telecommunications

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  • Automotive

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  • Consumer Applications

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  • Home automation

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  • Language Interpretation

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  • Employment and Talent Engagement

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  • Market intelligence

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  • Real Estate

    Success in real estate is built on strong relationships

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