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KnoahsARK 360 Suite

Cloud-based mobile compatible contact center reporting and analytics solution powered by on-demand Business/Speech/Text Analytics and decision making

KnoahsARK Data Connect

KnoahsARK Data Connect gathers information on every customer interaction across multiple data sources, and collects it into a single database for analysis and evaluation. KnoahsARK 360 integrates numerous company systems into a single feedback source. The solution unifies the performance of different business software, locations and company levels. The Knoah team carefully evaluates current operations and discovers what information is crucial for customer satisfaction success. It integrates different data elements that underlie consumer engagements such as duration of calls, agent quality, customer satisfaction, conversion rates, first call resolution or social media trending, and all other relevant performance metrics. The system can also integrate internal employee data such as attendance, pay slips, coaching and training information to support better analysis of performance down to the agent level.

KnoahsARK Data Connect

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RightData, RightAnalytics, RightInsights, RightDecisions


KnoahsARK Data Connect

Data aggregation from multiple sources/systems/repositories into a centralized database


KnoahsARK Analytics

Chat/Email/Social Media Analytics Speech Analytics Business Analytics


KnoahsARK Reporting

Reporting/Multi-layered dashboards and drill-down data representations


KnoahsARK Insights

Actionable Insights based on relevant analytics outcomes


KnoahsARK QA

Quality Management for evaluation, scoring, coaching of filtered samples


KnoahsARK Decision

Decision making based on accurate, unbiased and actionable insights

KnoahsARK 360 helps you to:

View performance across all roles and management levels 

  • Reduce cost by 1000% for text analytics (automated vs. manual)

  • Higher customer satisfaction at lower cost

  • Achieve accurate and actionable Insights

  • Make sense of data leading to better decisions

  • Manage Staffing, Training, Learning

  • Integrate disconnected data points into a central repository

Making sense of data

Contact centers are no longer just in the business of providing help desk and support. Today, they are responsible for delivering customer experience through multiple touch points. The customer transactions that were just numbers are now becoming packets of data points to map customers’ behavior and preferences, ultimately leading to higher customer satisfaction and increased sales at a lower cost.

As digital support solutions become more commonplace, the ability to collect and analyze data from contact center operations is paramount for maintaining a competitive edge in any industry. While many companies recognize the importance of reporting and analytics for right decision making, not every organization knows how to utilize the information it collects or where to look for consumer insight.  Throughout various industry studies, a common challenge companies are frustrated with is an overall lack of expertise and tool support within the organization to get value out of the data that is collected and building a process that turns information into decisions in a meaningful way.

KnoahsARK 360 suite is a cloud-based mobile compatible integrated reporting software powered by data/speech/text analytics and provides on-demand insights for right decision making. It covers the entire lifecycle of data – from data aggregation to data reporting, analyzing and decision-making

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