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Customer Experience Management

Building a relationship with your customer takes more than just resolving their issues.

It requires an understanding of your customer’s journey. Knoah’s suite of customer experience BPO solutions helps you effectively manage your entire customer lifecycle.

Building a relationship with your customer takes more than just resolving their issues.

It requires an understanding of your customer’s journey. Knoah’s suite of customer experience BPO solutions helps you effectively manage your entire customer lifecycle.

Customer Care

Satisfied consumers are the best source for creating new business; but negative interactions can instantly end longstanding relationships. Let us use our experience, innovative technology and commitment to quality to focus on your customers’ needs and deliver the care they demand. We offer world-class onshore, offshore and nearshore customer care centers to provide the outsourcing services your company requires to stand above the crowd. Wherever you are, we help with frontline and back office activities essential to satisfy connected customers who contact your business on the channel of their choice.

Technical Support

From PC hardware and software to wireless devices and phones, Knoah’s deep-rooted technical support expertise spans back to the launch of our company in 2001. We believe in creating unique partnerships with each of our clients, this means understanding the detailed ins and outs of every product and service a business offers. No matter the industry, we offer customizable programs to suit your unique business needs and we train and provide dedicated Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) to answer questions and guide consumer interactions to happy resolutions.


Knoah agents focus on not just satisfying concerns, but encouraging future purchases. Our experience and data-driven best practices help you discover tactics for conversions, upselling and cross-selling that are simple to replicate. The customer journey we facilitate is one of guided progression, which increases transactions. We’re not just selling to those who reach out, we offer turnkey software solutions to monitor popular engagement channels, track leads and recognize promising consumer groups.


Returning customers contribute more to a company’s bottom line than attracting new ones. In our pursuit of innovation and expanding audiences, we have never forgotten about your company's core standards for excellence. Trained agents and ground-breaking CRM tools track each customer’s journey and ensure they receive optimum service every time they make contact.

Back office

Outsourcing your back office operations to Knoah allows you to focus on your core business objectives, while we leverage our unique skills to increase quality while reducing costs.

We have the experience and expertise to turn operational challenges into success stories.  Knoah has a vast pool of educated and skilled professionals, enabling you to reap the rewards of top talent without paying the high price. And when it comes to cutting-edge technologies and software development, we have the IT infrastructure that meets the needs of today’s fast-paced business world.

Market Research

If you really want to get to know current or potential customers, Knoah professionals can gather the information you need to personalize your engagements and speak to a client’s particular pain points. We pour through your database and update contact details. Our agents are also trained to identify the key decision-makers in certain organizations so you know who to communicate with. Information can be shared through databases, formalized reports and messaging that lets you to make better decisions.


You can’t afford to make guesses. In the data-driven business world, our transcription services can capture the exact details of each of your care center activities. The information captured through engagements, training procedures and coaching sessions is critical to understand customer-facing obstacles and opportunities. Get the details you need in the form you want; written transcriptions, audio recordings or data charts read through dashboard displays.

Leading Innovation in Performance Improvement For 10+ Years

Sometimes, you feel like you are doing everything right and still not getting the results you want.

Following basic guidelines for consumer care is a good start, but we offer solutions to discover what your customers want and the most efficient ways to provide service. We work with you to define your goals and create results that meet them.

Knoah’s unique and innovative TotalAssurance four-pillar solution evaluates care center routines and provides expert feedback on daily practices based on client-approved metrics. TotalAssurance was developed for organizations that don’t have the budget, time, staffing, tools or in-house expertise to effectively manage a comprehensive performance improvement program.

Learn more about our TotalAssurance QA Solution

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